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"Agradezco al Creador, a Barrie y su equipo, por tan útiles programas, valen más de lo que cuestan. bendiciones para todos" - Justino, J. Estado de México, México

"They were a great beginning. They were a great beginning for me in the productive and greater use of my mind and the ideas on the programs have had an incredible impact on my psyche up to this present day and beyond. " - Josh C., Inglewood, CA

"Fantastic! My Secret source of strength and a vast wellspring of enlightenment. I have several titles and usually don't even concern myself of which one to review, I have been very surprised on several occasions to experience amazing things I never thought possible. These have been a positive influence on my general sense of well-being. I whole heartedly recommend these to anyone who is curious about exploring the depth of mind, in a spirit that is strong yet calm. I am at a loss to adequately describe their benefits. Expect good results with your journey!" - Dean Michael Simono

"I have used the astrological meditation before sadly lost during house move This system changed my life so powerful so wonderful. TRYING TO REORDER FINDING IF DIFFICULT. AMAZING PRODUCT Barbara Worsley " - Worsley Bell.

"The Potentials Unlimited tapes & CD's are the easiest way I know to heal your mind of negative thinking. We all go through a difficult time. Just lay back and relax and listen. My life was changed for the good is putting it mildly. Ka" - Ka W. Florida

"Thank you for the offers. Over the decades Ive purchased many of your recordings, and I am very pleased. I'm saving up some money to buy more. Regards David S. Satisfied Customer. 10/12/2021" - David S

"Barry Konicov has some of the best subliminal tapes I've tried. Have had amazing experiences with them." - CO108

"These tapes have helped me in my late 20s get through the most difficult times of my life and I then took the courage to change my life with education and succeed in a different career that I was successful in graduating top of my class and obtaining a successful career for 30 years and I’m now listening after finding these tapes again after 40 years Thanks so much " - Maureen

"I've used your CD's for the past 35 years. I have a nice collection and just emailed my nieces about them as they are going through some tough times. " - Dina R

"I have fond memories of the good old days in the 80's and 90's going to the book store and buying one of his tapes to add to my collection. I still have some of the original cassettes I purchased. He for sure was tapped in and was a legend. A perfect example of success in my opinion... taking something you are passionate about and turning it into a successful business. To me it was inspiring... although I never planned to get into the hypnosis business, Potentials Unlimited was one of those unique/creative businesses I admired. A few copycat companies tried to compete but nobody could do nearly as good as Barrie did!" - Coconut Pete

"I used the Stop Smoking CD and I stopped smoking and have never looked back. The Anxiety and Relieve Stress has helped me sleep better and feel more relaxed than ever." - Cecilia C. Michigan

"I believe I am close to if not there oldest customer. I have used there products at least 30 years. I work in the health care field. If used correctly as instructed you can overcome many many issues that life brings. This tapes are professional and offer answers. We have not even tapped into the god given power of our minds A Massey" - Alvin Massey

"I met your dad at a Whole Life Expo years ago after I'd already used some of his tapes. He was very sweet and generous with his time. I have used quite a few of the tapes and HIGHLY recommend them. He had a very good grasp of how to create a good hypnosis script and his voice somehow made you feel this was someone you could trust. His legacy of tapes is truly an extraordinary gift to the world. And yes, I still have SELF-HEALING and it is pure magic. Thank you" - Carol S. Bean

"Dear Barrie Konicov - I have long been meaning to drop you a note and now I have that moment. I have found using your weight loss CD has enabled me to lose stubborn weight. Those sugary treats "have lost their appeal." and that is how weight loss becomes permanent. This is the way that is effortless and really works. I have recommended your site to many of my patients (I am a psychotherapist). for weight loss and other issues, such as self-esteem, anger, etc. I also now have new pain, as I have MS, and have begun the pain management tapes. I now prefer recommending hypnosis over drugs, as drugs are quite hit-or-miss for the individual.. Barrie you are an exceptionally talented hypnotist. Your voice, your pace, your scripting is exactly what people need and respond to. I hope your voice is always available to all of us. Thank you for the work you do." - Marymargaret Parker, LMFT

"I have been using these tapes for about 30 years. I loved the ones on past lives, weight loss, stress and anxiety, relaxation, stop smoking, and they were very helpful. I was able to give up tobacco, lose weight, become more relaxed and less anxious. They have also helped my wife exercise and weight loss. We also found an excellent hypnotist where we lived 30 years ago who was very helpful. But all my tapes are worn out. " - Dale Wisley, USA

"I bought this as a Tape in the 90s during a transition period of my life. Loved them, got them again when digital arrived, i still listen to them today. Wonderful voice, helped me a great deal and still do." - geraldine kelly Ireland

"These work! I first encountered Barries programs way back in the 70’s. I was new to self hypnosis and was shocked at the incredible results. It’s now 2018, and I found Barrie again (had lost touch over the years), and am now delighted to replace my worn out cassettes with cds. Folks, I am not receiving any remuneration for my testimony: these programs work if you use them as directed. It’s amazing, it’s almost like magic; but if you are consistent with your listening schedule, you will get great results! " - Linda Johnsen

"The ONLY thing that works! Thank you so much Barry Konikov! Your words, changed my life. I used cassette tapes in the late 80s every night the self hypnosis and subliminal music every day for 60 days. I doubled the required time because i was such an insecure person. It changed my subconscious thinking and healed me from sabotaging myself. Childhood abuse caused so much damage and Barry...Your wisdom healed me. I love you forever!?" - Joyce See

"Excelente audio!!! Son muy buenos los audios subliminales del Sr Barrie Konicov. Excellent audio !!! The subliminal audios of Mr Barrie Konicov are very good." - J Burgos Arellano

"Barry Konicov has some of the best subliminal tapes I've tried. Have had amazing experiences with them." - Via YouTube

"I loved this man he introduced me to the violet flame on a subconscious level True Angel Thank You I know he is alive on a higher plane" - Pray and play channel

"Barrie did have a certain intangible magic! I was his top distributor every year during the heyday of Potentials Unlimited (78-92) and it was such an exciting time in my life. He was an amazing man in so many ways and he helped countless people have both a good nights sleep and a better life. Thank you, Barrie." - Miraclemeditations

"I'm truly so sad that this great man is passed away I remember listening to him approximately 28 years ago at about age 19,20 and to see that he passed away just last year of 2018 is the lost I used to love going to sleep listening to this man it was just so soothing and my life felt so in balance and so calm may God have wonderful blessings and mercy upon his soul and I'm so glad to be able to hear his message" - Rev Laird

"I used to have everything he made. So long ago, on cassette. Haha. I can’t find him on Apple. I loved his voice. He always talked about cleaning your body from the inside with an orange liquid and a sponge. Sounds odd, but very effective. Love this man! Ty for posting." - P Matthews

"I've used these recordings for several decades and feel they have had a powerful influence on my life. I highly recommend them. 4/29/20" - Mark Peltier-Robson

"I didn't know he was gone, sounds like him when I listen to the several titles I have...Its been a long road...thanks for keeping the business going!" - Dean S Bremerton WA...

"Thanks for always thinking of me. Your're a wonderful person just like your Dad was to me. I am a more outgoing and happier person, because of your Dad's help and now yours. Thank you Bob" - Bob S

"I didn't think your self-help books would work at first. Then I found the step by step instructions, did the relaxation meditation, and listen to subliminals religiously. It worked! I was amazed and baffled. I'm a true cynic and for me the fact that this worked was absolutely fantastic. I used "Money and Prosperity" also the "Self Confidence." I felt more relaxed in decision making and public speaking with dynamic energy and greater faith in my abilities. I just want to say Thank you! With all of my heart! " - John Walthers Aurora, CO

"Have used your self healing tape for over 20 years with great success, Tape worn out so will try the CD." - Elma R

"I have been using this since I was in 6th grade and it has truly made a great difference in my life. I highly recommend it for kids to help give them a solid sense of self and self worth that will help them through the tough times they'll face. It is still my go-to some 25-30 years later. When I need to get myself back on track, it does the job! " - Casey B, California

"I was diagnosed with General Anxiety disorder /Depression a little over 30 years ago . I started using hypnosis but the cost was starting to add up so I started to look for a better option . I had a friend who suggested I try the Anxiety and Depression tape from Potentials Unlimited . I first purchased a cassette tape with a bit of skepticism but soon found out that it actually did work . It took a few time listening to get my mind in the right mind set because I was so stressed and anxious but, when I did it was amazing . Barrie Konicov voice and his guided imagery really work !!!I have since bought over 4 Cd's throughout the years that I have literally wore out .After that tape , I bought the stop smoking cd.. Let me tell you one thing .. Buy it , Use it every day . I can't tell you just how much I have saved and how grateful I am for this particular tape/cd. The key is consistency . You have to make time to use it everyday . I am now on a journey with colon cancer and have purchased the pain relief cd. I truly didn't expect my pain to be reduced but it did !!!! I have also purchased Self Healing and I am a true believer in these particular cd's .I have tried other types of subliminal cd before I found Barrie Konicov CD's and none worked like these . They are worth every penny and I am also going to order the mp3 version now that I realize they have those !!! You want to make a difference in your life for whatever ails you then get these cd's . I can't thank Barrie Konicov enough for his guidance . His voice is soothing and it truly makes you feel secure and relaxed . I can't make you buy them , I can only say they work and the rest is up to you. Change things in your life for the better through these tapes . I am going to be giving a few of these as Christmas gifts because well, What's better than the gift of change for the good. Thank you again and please don't ever stop making these tapes/cd's.. Much Love Ute 11/8/18" - Ute Noack

"I am a beliver in this because i was about 36 when i started using your tapes i used to be unemployable because of nerve , emotional ,fear ,anxiety, social phobias god knows I was a mess because of severe abuses in my life I became a different person just retired ,. I am so happy I found these tapes you gave me a life I never dreamed possible not perfect but it worked thank you from the bottom of my heart..leela" - Lee la farmer

"Barry has made extensive positive contributions to a lot of people through his products. Not many people can beat this as a legacy to leave behind" - Robert F, Sheffield, England

"I appreciate him so much, for his tapes, self healing, - also Abraham hicks, kryon and bashar, barbra marciniak, connecting link, you started a spiritual revolution!!!! you will live on, hello greetings and welcome " - george wilke

"These are the best self help and self Hypnosis materials of our times. Barry is the best hypnotist of al time. I love him and his company and his family. Thanks to Barry and his potentials unlimited Products I have been made able to graduate from college. Thanks to potentials unlimited Barry had me access my very powerful subconscious mind which made it possible to have full success in all my studing and every endeavour." - Armando G hialeah florida usa

"It is fantastic to get back to my regular self hypnosis "sessions" of listening to your dad. It is helping me immensely at the moment, and it is definitely refreshing all my previous learning, from the early 90's. I continue to spruik about Potentials Unlimited and how much Barrie Konicov has helped me improve my thinking! I have since introduced the idea to my counselor . she is very interested. I played her a portion of "Freedom From Worry". I'm not sure why I am telling you that but I thought you would like to know. " - Vicki F. Australia 7/10/18

"I cried and was very emotional my 1st time listening to this track. Especially when Barrie says the person has approached me for forgiveness. I tightened my fist two times. Then when he says "forgive them, u can do it because u are love." I'm getting emotional now writing this. I released my clenched fist and felt the anger, bitterness and judgement being released from me. I know with this wonderful track, i will feel complete forgiveness for myself and others. Thank u for this gem. " - Shirley Joseph Florida

"Thank you Stephanie! All else is well…I have been listening to Barrie for 30 years and still find him the best resource ever!!!" - Lin R

"I am sure I am not alone when I tell you that these recordings have changed my life hugely and given me much support to face challenges. Your Dad's voice has gone deep within my soul and given me tools and guidance I never would have had otherwise. I played the relaxation tape during childbirth and found giving birth to be the highest spiritual experience of my life. I have induced such deep relaxation by merely remembering the relaxation tape in the dentist's chair that I am able to have all kinds of dental work without freezing, just by replaying the relaxation tape in my head. I have had fillings and a root canal with no need for freezing. When I started teaching if I ever felt anxious while teaching a lesson I would just say inside my head, Relax Relax and I was instantly relaxed and ready to continue. I have used the relaxation tape to fall asleep and it never fails. Please make sure your dad knows how deeply grateful I am for his work. Highest blessings and thank you Liz" - Liz C

"I have been listening to these tapes, then CD's now online.. I love them. Thank you for years and years of self help, self evolution and spiritual growth." - Kathie M posted on PU Facebook

"I started to listen to your relieving stress tape during the time of my very painful divorce. I couldn't sleep. Your tape was Godsent. I felt so much better I bought more tapes and I have been enjoying them for 30 years now. Thank you for rescuing me. You have been the greatest influence in my life, and the quality has been enhanced tremendously! Now when I feel or bad, I listen to your cd. " - Minneapolis, MN

"Samples do not play to determine music style. Catherine S USA we are so sorry that we do not have an email to contact you direct. Our guess is if you are unable to play any of the samples the issue is with your media player. If you find otherwise please use contact form to get us! " - Catherine S USA

"I resisted this at first. Then the more I listened to it... the better I felt on the inside. My skin cleared up. My smile was bright. My eyes looked happy. Barrie is the only hypnotist that I have experienced who put me in a trance and I have had experience with maybe over 10 hypnotist. I love the subliminals that I can listen to anytime and anywhere. " - Shirley J

"Love your audios so much! Listened to dozens of titles over the years. Wore them out in the form of Tapes & CDs. Need to rebuild my library in indestructible digital form" - Amir Khalatbari via Facebook

"I have been listening to Barrie Self Hypnosis/Subliminal Products since the 1990's. Every night I have one running, whether it's Stress and Relaxation, weight loss, memory improvement, or many of the others I own. They are wonderful and help me relax and sleep." - Candace T., Charlotte, NC

"I have used these hypnosis tapes for many years and they are wonderful. When my daughter was in labor, I brought the one about relieving pain and we played the subliminal side over and over again. The midwife finally asked what it was we were playing. When I told her she said that she had had a headache at the beginning and it was gone. Love them." - Dr. M.Lee,Redlands,Ca.

"Barrie Konicov's process has worked for me for over 25 years. The CDs are inexpensive and very effective. I know you will be as happy with them as I have been." - Sunny Gibbs posted on PU Facebook

"Barrie's recordings have made a significant positive change in my life. I am so grateful. thank you Barrie!! i send the light back your way!!" - Jaime Marx posted on PU Facebook

"Great Job Barrie! Been using your product since 1988 personally and professionally. Onward & Upward Dr Steve Grinstead" - Dr Steve Grinstead posted on PU Facebook

"I've been listening to several of Barrie's cds for steady three months now,I feel happy and positive about my life. I have one problem though I can't fall sleep.I get really tired and when I close my eyes its like bing my brain is wide awake.Do you have any suggestions ?" - Eden Dunbar posted on PU Facebook

"A big thank you to famous Hypnotherapist Barrie Konicov from Sony Crystal When I was eighteen I thought I was ugly, even though guys were always chasing me, and as a person I thought that I was less than the dirt that I stood on. I had been emotionally abused ever since I was a child. I had no self-confidence and felt very lonely. For years I allowed people to control and emotionally abuse me, just so I could have some friends. Later on I realized that I was only attracting people into my life, who also did not love themselves and had low self-esteem. I will always be eternally grateful to hypnotherapist Barrie Konicov for helping me to get myself together, and to be able to help others in return. I still listen to Barrie Konicov, because I believe that I must improve myself day by day. I always tell all my clients to listen to Barrie Konicov's hypnotherapy products, and many of my clients have become confident, happy and assertive women thanks to Barrie. ~ Sony Crystal" - Sony Crystal posted on PU Facebook

"I have been using tapes and Mp3 for aprox 20 plus years now. Off and on they have helped me quite a bit." - Maria Aguilar

"I was so surprised to find this site. I just want to say thank you so much for continuing to offer these recordings. They were such a help, and comfort, and encouragement to me and my children in the 1980s. Please tell your Dad thank you so much for gifting the world with these wonderful products. Anna P. " - Anna P. Colorado

"I'm still listening to the "Potentials Unlimited" cassettes that I bought in the mid 1980's! I'm so happy that I found the company online. I'll be ordering more titles soon. I can't thank you enough, Mr. Konicov, for the enormous amount of help and comfort I've received via your tapes throughout the years." - Dee F. Rockville Centre, NY

"Thank you so much for your Thanksgiving wish for all of your clients. As for my self I just purchased another of your programs and have since the late 1970's. Thank you once again Rosemary " - Rosemary

"I've been off cigarettes with your tapes since 1986, liquor since 1993, and cafeen since 2000. Please send me your complete brochure net address. Gotta beat this fear of going broke. Bill" - Bill Lewis

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful, healing tapes you've provided over the years. They have helped me so much. Wishing you all good health." - Irene K., Graham, NC.

"I began using your tapes during my college days back in San Francisco. I still have most of those original cassette tapes and now I have some CDs too. You've been part of my family for decades. I have used these to overcome pain and recover from a terrible auto accident, spark my creativity, boost my mood, increase sales, overcome procrastination, sleep, and to have 4 beautiful children, the last two were twins, without so much as an aspirin. Barry, your energy comes through these recordings in a marvelous helpful, healing way. When I bought that 1st tape back in the 70's I never dreamed that we'd set out on a journey that spanned decades, but we did. We've come a long way together and I'm very glad you've been by my side through it all. " - Shirley R., Poteau, OK

"I have used your tapes and the CDs when they became available for over 30 years. I have used them when I was in the hospital after a serious accident & a serious illness in fact the Nurses said they wish everyone would use them I healed so much faster and my positive attitude was excellent. When I went into Real Estate I Used the Sales and the Money & Prosparity CDs and I became a very prosperous Real Estate Broker. I have played them all night and have done this for years and cannot go to sleep without them. There is so much more I could say about how your program has helped me, and I do want to say Thank You & Bless you for all that you are doing for everyone." - Nona B, Visalia, California

"Dear Barry, Hello. I am a big listener since the 1980s. Your tapes have always helped me! I know it’s always had to believe just how much they help me. Now, I want CD’s. We are so snowed in today" - Laurel Phoenix Morgan Kansas City

"Hello, I just want to say thank you for the wonderful job you have created. I enjoy so much each one of the titles I have buy from you, I have used for many years and I am a big believer that I am a better person because of that. Marcela S. Chicago, IL" - Marcela S. Chicago, IL

"I know I sound crazy, but we know that this is true. I listen to the programs and noticed that if my cat Bella is next to be she wraps her arms around the CD player and rests her head on it. She drops everything when she hears his voice. I was wondering if animals respond, since she needs to lose a few pounds.(2nd email) Back to Bella, it is so funny how she acts when she hears the voice. Some times I leave it on repeat very low when I'm going to be gone for a few hours and when I come back she never moved from where I left her. I'm from Staten Island, NY. I'd love for you to use it but can you use my initials only? Again, thanks and my best to all " - A.P. Staten Island, NY

"Hello again, thank you for your speedy response and my tracking information! Wow, that was quick! Will keep a look out for my items to come to me in a couple of days or so and I'll let you know when I receive my cassettes! You guys are awesome and true the best to work with! There is no other soothing golden voice in the world than Barrie's! Lord love his beautiful powerful heart and may the healing powerful light and the Universe continue to guide and protect him! Barrie's beautiful gift of healing tapes and CDs are a great treasure to everyone all over the world! Thank you all again so very much! :) " - Clarice G. Greeneville, TN.

"Donna Marie wrote: "ty Barrie and Suzanne and every1 @ potentials unlimited for helping save my life... you are human angels of the finest kind!!!"" - Donna Marie Curtis commented on Potentials Unlimited's photo.

"I had most of Barrie's tapes but they all got destroyed in the flood in my basement, Please tell Barrie that I've heard other Hypnotists and he's by far the best!!! " - Tim C. Ottawa OH

"Dear Mr. Konicov - I have been listening to your programs for at least 25 years as many of my friends and family have been as well. Please! We are hoping you will create new programs. There has never been or never will be anyone as good as you. We hope you come back to us soon. since we are older now - 40's 50's and many of us are either divorced or have been thru hard times - a program from you about how to regain love and happiness would help so much in these tough times - you have always given us hope. Maintaining good health and overall good luck programs would be inhaled also from so many of us. Thank you for your many years of listening and my best wishes to you. Sincerely, Angela P. NYC, NY" - Angela P. NYC, NY

"I have purchased and used Barrie's cassette tapes since about 1985 for a variety of problems and been very happy. " - Joseph C. London UK

"I began with tapes in the early 80s and have been helped tremendously. I have since recommended the program to friends over the years. Thanks. " - Charles N. Wilmington DE

"I am writing to tell you that I have used your tapes in the past with great success. Now I need your help again. " - Bill W. Arcadia, FL

"Hello greeting and Welcome,I am Happy to report In 1988 when i was 18 years old I started Going to the Booda Tree Book Store and Ran Across the Potential Unlimited Hypnotic file Recapture Youthful Vigor, i was in search of a file of that type, I recorded the file on a endless cassette tape, and, listen to this file every night All night, and day on the weekends I listened to this file ever single day after i got off work,All night long on on a endless tape, until now 2012, still listen to this file I am now 52 years old, religiously I listened on a schedule I even ended up buying the Cd to this file and burned out many tape recorders many over the years it was worth ever penny Because Now i am because of this file I look as if I am in my Early 30 Thirties Have proof and pictures Do not know if i can upload or not. This file works And Recommend this File to everyone young and old, the File is worth investing in it is the best files I Ever Ran Across And I ran across some good ones But nothing like this. Thank you Potential unlimited in you Great work and Success And please keep up the Good work. have questions" - Mattthew P. Los Angeles California Email

"I bought about 15-20 tapes recently...i love them. when i talk about them to people they find it so strange to be trying 'self hypnosis' and i admit i used to think like that too but these really work, its the strangest thing! not only that, but they make me fall asleep soooo fast, like within the first 5 min! and i have a hard time falliing asleep normally! so far the ones that ive been doing for a long time and are working are the stress and anxiety and the self confidence ones. " - Lisa Canta posted on Potentials Unlimited's Wall.

"I love the CD's from this company. I recommend them frequently to my clients. They really do a good job helping people clear out life issues faster. (As posted on Potentials Unlimited's Facebook Wall.)" - Marie O'Neill

"You are the uncontested master of subliminal hypnosis. Your induction is without peer. What prompted these words was a revisit to the website seeing what seems like the face of an old friend that helped me through trials with depression/anxiety. I'm actually better now, much better in fact. The help I received was monumental. Barry helped me save myself. What puts Barry over the top is that EVERY phrase is impactful. Things like "the deeper you go the better you feel, the better you feel, the deeper you go" offer this hypnotic almost lyrical yin-yang that opens up this obliging logic that accepts his instructions and carries along.' To wrap it up, Barry's induction is hypnotically melodic in phrase, positively life affirming in directed suggestion and utterly seamless in transition as he moves from one mode to another . There is no flowery filler or drop outs in delivery. Idle chatter is not part of the mix. What is said has gravity and purpose. Ive often reflected on it. Its simply a very finely crafted induction. Said another way the man doesn't write a meditation, he weaves it." - Pete P. Naugatuck, CT

"I would rate Barrie Konicov's work and Potential Unlimited's comprehensive series of titles as an absolute essential---and 5 star every time, in all's affordable, far better value for money...accessible(pop in a CD/cassette/MP3)...and the changes are long lasting and profound..and ongoing...and my entire family and friends have also 'shared' the entire experience...where ever I am - at home, at work, in the car - ......and where ever I am in my personal development....and if a crisis looms - then there is always an appropriate title available-----help and healing is always at hand --hidden beneath beautiful classical music....which - in more ways than one - washes away life's just a few dollars for any title --- Barrie Konicov and Potentials Unlimited deliver a whole lot of bang for my buck! " - Shaynel G. West Yorkshire UK

"I've said before how these subliminals saved my life years ago but now at 51 years old I can tell you that when I wake after listening to these awesome CDs I feel as though something has happened in the night to change me in a positive way. I look at people around me in a different way. Those walls that we so often put up in the wrong places out of fear and frustration turn into windows that block only the negative but let in the sunshine. That voice is still changing my life." - Ripon,CA

"I want you to know that your tapes have changed my life and my family's lives for the better in very many ways. You are a blessing to the world. " - Liz D. Beamsville Canada

"I AM still here despite all the trials and pitfalls. thank you, Barrie. YOUR HELP WAS/IS UNLIMITED. MAY YOU BE AN EXAMPLE TO OTHERS AS A REDEEMED PORTION OF POSITIVE SOULIC MATTER!#* #999 LOVE, LIGHT AND BLESSINGS, SUDI" - sudi w. olliver-colby

"I've been listening to the subliminal side of the Co-Dependent CD's for about 8 weeks now and WOW what a difference in the way I feel. I feel so comfortable in any situation. I used to be involved with the 12 step program for about 5 years and since I've started using the Hypnosis CD's I haven't been to a meeting in over a year. I just don't see the need anymore. I can just listen to the CD's on the way to and from work and at home and I'm changing without any emotional effort what so ever. I only wish I would have found these CD's earlier in life. " - Eric W. Delray Beach, FL

"Love you Barrie and all you have done and still do for Everyone..still there is not anyone in 30 years who is doing what you have done/and do consistently..Love all my hypnosis tapes and CDS and am always sleep teaching to one or the other..could not be doing what i do without you Melanie B. Nashville, TN " - Melanie B

"I have never written to thank Dr. Konikov for the tremendously insightful work he shared with all of those who have eating/weight management issues. I have used the weight loss tapes for more than 20 years. Within a few weeks of using them I was able to stop a 20-year bulimia habit, start bringing my weight to my ideal level (I was never far off, just violently judgmental of my 10 extra pounds), began to believe in a new self image and opened my life to joy. Whenever things become overwhelming -- they still can -- I turn to Dr. Konikov's messages and find the key to unlock whatever conundrum is churning in the background. I can't imagine what these 20 years would have been like without that always-available support and love. So... THANK YOU! E.B., Fenton, Michigan" - E.B. Fenton Michigan

" If someone said to me that I would have to pay one million dollars for just one of Barrie Konicov's hypnotherapy cds, I would gladly and happily pay it. We are all so lucky because Barrie only charges $19 for each MP3 download and our lives are changed for the better forever. I will always be indebted to him for helping me to heal my emotional wounds from the past & helping me to love myself again. " - Sony Crystal

"Hello Dear Barrie,

You have influenced my ENTIRE ADULT LIFE.

Using your beautiful loving guidance, I have created huge artistic success (two albums on epic Records.) I have worked as a professional intuitive helping others. I have worked as an energy healer and light worker. I have certified as a professional hypnotist and master practitioner of NLP. I have a beautiful remarkable child. I have a GREAT lasting love.

Barrie, I have thought of you as "The Man"(this is what my husband and I call you!) for so long in my life, I am amazed to actually consider that you are REAL and here on the internet. For me, you are something like the comforting and protective angels I used to imagine around me as a child.

I have introduced SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE to you! I still have and play my cassettes. Now that I see you have DIGITAL products too, I am really excited to get NEW COPIES of my old favorites and explore those titles that I do not have. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I am so grateful for you and your work in the world. I think you TRULY are an angel who came here to planet earth to raise consciousness. THANK you for helping to raise mine. I want to say that I HAVE to be your most inspired and admiring (and lucky( client, but I am SO SURE the ANYONE who has experienced your recordings feel the same way, so I'll just say I AM AS GRATEFUL AS A PERSON CAN BE for all you are, all your give and all you have created. Much love, Julie F NY NY" - Julie F NY NY

"I just got back from the convention and although I was frightened at first I felt at ease as the trip progressed. I had my husband take the back roads going. Now the convention was only about an hour and twenty minutes from our home, by the freeway, but I do not take freeways. So it was more like two hours and twenty minutes by back roads. But I had no problem with it. Every time I thought that I was going to get nervous a bit about being away from home. I even took the elevator again. We were in downtown Los Angeles and this is a place that I would never have gone to when my anxiety problems were so bad because it's so over whelming. But I gave two seminars on a book that I had published and loved being up in front of a crowd and didn't get nervous once. I even told my husband to take some unfamiliar roads to get back home, which i never would have done before so I listened to the tapes. I feel so liberated and plan on pushing myself even more. I'm sorry if this letter sounds like rambling, but I'm on such a high from this accomplishment that I had to tell someone. Please feel free to use my story for anyone that is thinking about getting these tapes. They really do WORK!!! I'm a living testimonial to this and still no medications were taken." - Doris A Mixon


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