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Claim Your Unlimited Potential - Subliminal Persuasion™ and Self Hypnosis

self-hypnosis Claim Your Unlimited Potential

Claim Your Unlimited Potential :

The CUP course works! It is a 12 chapter reprogramming process that will take you past blocks to your success and replace them with your natural ability to succeed.

Each CUP chapter contains an MP3 and PDF workbook/guide designed to be used for 30 days. This course is uniquely designed to provide the most direct route to achieving your ambitions and desires. You will begin to feel and experience change with the first chapter. Improvements and accomplishments in your life will become more apparent with each successive chapter.

Patricia Clason, author of the CUP workbooks, is also co-author of Speaking of Success with Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. In the CUP course, she shares with you the best of her wisdom from 30 years of learning and teaching in each of the topic areas. These practical guides give you ways to practice and integrate the law of attraction and other principles into your daily life.

Upon completion of this course, you will be a new, more successful person - happier, wiser, more confident and self-assured! Guaranteed!

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Subliminal Change

The purpose of this chapter is to give you an opportunity to experience yourself as the source of money in your life. Clear mental barriers or limiting ideas you may have regarding....more »

Define success for your life, then find and release the beliefs that are sabotaging your success. Find out how practicing the discipline of disassociation will actually free you to....more »

Draw the map for your life by writing goals that are in harmony with your life purpose. Learn how to create treasure maps to help you visualize your goals and focus your ene....more »

Explore problem solving as seen through a world where you and I share a common bond, a world where the goal is a win/win solution for all parties involved. Transform your perspec....more »

This chapter makes a helpful distinction between decisions and choices. Shift how doubt and disapproval affect you and how you approach the decisions and choices of your life. ....more »

Expand your perception of failure and your ability to deal with it in a life-supporting and constructive manner. The MP3 version of this title is from our Super Consciousness (S....more »

Your will is the seat of your power. Focus your power and use it to build your life by making conscious choices for the present and the future.

The MP3 version of this title is....more »

Expand your mind and think outside the box. See the world with a new way, unleash the potential of your creativity. ....more »

We are all in sales. Whether we sell a product, service or idea we engage people in our lives and with our thoughts. There are those who do it well and others who do not. Which one....more »

Enthusiasm verses excitement, this chapter makes the distinction between them and helps you discover the energy of inspiration. ....more »

Clear the doubts that undermine your self-confidence and free the energy of initiative and accomplishment. Find the balance between confidence and humility.

The MP3 version of....more »

To live in a state of satisfaction and find completion within yourself, you must let go of blame. Having accomplished this you can then live in a state of being whole and fulfilled....more »

Each CUP chapter contains an MP3 and PDF workbook/guide designed to be used for 30 days. This course is uniquely designed to provide the most direct route to achieving your ambitio....more »

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