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Developmental Skills - Subliminal Persuasion™ and Guided Meditation CDs, MP3s

self-hypnosis Developmental Skills

Developmental Skills:

These four programs contain suggestions that stimulate the perfect functioning of all parts of the body in development from birth to the age seven. These tapes, CDs and MP3s create Miracles. The messages on these programs are for any child, adolescent, or adult. If a person is, in any way, developmentally impaired as a result of birth, accident, or illness, these programs, plus your love, may create the same type of miracle as they did for Jennifer. (aka the Jennifer Tapes) A picture is worth a thousand words so I wish I could share a picture of my daughter Jennifer with you all now. The baby I was told would never live, or at least never walk or do anything for herself is married now and has two beautiful children obviously living a completely normal life. These programs contain suggestions that stimulate the perfect functioning of all organs, glands, muscles, tendons and bodily systems. They also contain a carefully developed potpourri of suggestions that emphasize universal love, self-love, self-respect and self-worth. These suggestions help to develop a loving attitude toward self and others. Every title comes with two separate components: Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasion All information following the title refers to the type of music that is used on the subliminal component. Please preview and listen to Audio Sample to hear the difference.
Subliminal Change

Full set of the Jennifer Series for Human Development. Perfect if your needs require starting at the beginning. Often used by adults after injury, stroke and other issues requiring rehabilitation. Counts as one item for Buy 5 Get 1 Free offer Individually priced = $80.76

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This program prepares the child to enter preschool or grade school. It emphasizes the development of learning skills, such as reading, writing, memory, concentration, and the ability to listen and follow directions. These skills will insure that learning will be an enjoyable experience for the child.

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This program is designed to promote more complex moments, such as pulling up to the knees, pulling up to a standing position, standing without support, walking, climbing onto and off such things as furniture and talking.

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The suggestions on this recording promote the perfect control and balance of the body, and suggest that both arms and hands, feet and legs, thumbs and fingers function perfectly.

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The suggestions on this program emphasize walking, hopping, throwing and catching, walking up and down stairs, dressing and undressing, potty training, graceful coordinated movements and speaking in sentences.

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