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self-hypnosis Hypnotic Sounds

Hypnotic Sounds:
Close your eyes and picture waves crashing to the shore or streaks of lightning splitting the night sky, forewarning the ominous rumble of thunder.
Tune in to your body and feel, then hear, the sound of your heart beating. Experience the constant rhythm of a metronome, set to move you into a deep state of self-hypnosis.
These programs are designed to heighten your senses and improve your experience with self-hypnosis. They can also be used as sleep programs to pleasantly block out all other noises. They do not contain any suggestions for change.

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Brook & Rain

BROOK - Rushing, falling, churning - the delightful sounds of a clear-running brook down a mountain side. Let the laughing brook soothe your psyche. RAIN - Th....more »

Crickets & Birds

CRICKETS - Soft trilling recalls the sounds of a sweet summer evening. Relax and return to a twilight time and place. BIRDS - Enter a forest of audio delights. Ch....more »

Heartbeat & Metronome

HEARTBEAT - return to the sounds of your beginning. Deep within the womb, you were comforted by your mother's steady, rhythmic heartbeat. METRONOME - Experience the....more »

Ocean & Thunderstorms

OCEAN - The continuous rolling waves against the shore will induce you to feel as though you are one with nature. THUNDERSTORM - A low rumble of distant thunder war....more »

Wind & Seagulls

WIND - Blow away all cares, as rushing currents of wind carry you off to a vibrant place all your own. SEAGULLS - Recall the times of sand and shore, heightened by ....more »
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