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Meditation for Stress & Anxiety Relief creates Subliminal Change

Identify and Relief the Stressors in Your Life

Too much stress and tension in your life can lead to major problems, including exhaustion, depression, physical illness and anxiety. You may not even be able to identify the source of your anxiety. Frequently, it is the little things in life that bother you the most. These minor problems will build up over time and wear you down.

Our Guided Meditation CD's and MP3's Help You Reduce Stress & Anxiety

When the burden of stress and strain is removed with Guided Meditation, your life becomes much more enjoyable and the incentive for development and growth returns. Our CD's and MP3's will teach you to manage your stress, which will help with the anxiety and insomnia. Why wait, we have MP3 downloads that you can get started with in minutes. As you listen to them over time you will notice:

  • Better sleep patterns
  • A more positive outlook on life
  • You are more relaxed and calmer
  • You can handle problems more easily
  • Life is more fun with Stress Relief

Know your Subliminal Hypnotist Barrie Konicov

All of our Guided Meditation products were designed by Barrie Konicov, a pioneer in the field of subliminal persuasion. Many of today's subliminal behavior modification programs are based on Barrie's work. He began training as hypnotists in 1981 and was a founder of the World Congress of Professional Hypnotherapists.

MP3s / CDs For Stress & Anxiety Relief

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