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Self Hypnosis CDAbout the CD Format

Each of our CD programs enable you to accelerate your desired changes by offering both a Subliminal track and a Self-Hypnosis track. Directions for use come with each purchase.

The Subliminal track ( Day Version )

Consciously, you will hear only the music blended with gentle ocean waves: however, your subconscious will hear and receive the subliminal messages recorded beneath these relaxing sounds. Many titles on CD will not include the introduction on the Subliminal track allowing for uninterrupted repeat playing.

The Music

Each piece of stereo music was composed and constructed to help increase your receptiveness to the subliminal message recorded within. As we have used many types of music over the years, you may receive Music Subliminal, Classical, or our Master Series music with your CD purchase.

The Self-Hypnosis track ( Night Version )

Contains a series of suggestions to bring about a pleasant state of relaxation. You will then consciously hear the SAME SUGGESTIONS as were recorded on the Subliminal side.

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  Title Price  
Weight Management Set   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
Stop Smoking Set   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
Stop Drinking Set   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
Exercise and Well Being Set   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
Education & Study Set   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
Living Success Set   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
Peaceful Living Set   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
#01 Relieve Stress & Anxiety MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#01 Relieve Stress & Anxiety Ocean Sounds [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
#02 Weight Loss Emerald Webb [Preview]   $19.93  [BUY NOW]
#02 Weight Loss Female Voice [Preview]   $15.94  [BUY NOW]
#02 Weight Loss MS [Preview]   $23.94  [BUY NOW]
#03 Self Healing Emerald Webb [Preview]   $15.93  [BUY NOW]
#03 Self Healing Master [Preview]   $19.95  [BUY NOW]
#03 Self Healing MS [Preview]   $15.94  [BUY NOW]
#03 Self Healing Ocean Sounds [Preview]   $15.93  [BUY NOW]
#04 Self Confidence Master [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
#04 Self Confidence MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#04 Self Confidence Ocean Sounds [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
#05 Money Prosperity MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#06 Insomnia Master [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
#06 Insomnia MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#07 Relaxation Master [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
#07 Relaxation MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#08 Memory Improvement Female Voice [Preview]   $15.94  [BUY NOW]
#08 Memory Improvement MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#09 Stop Smoking Female Voice [Preview]   $20.96  [BUY NOW]
#09 Stop Smoking MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#10 Joy of Exercise Master [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
#10 Joy of Exercise MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#11 Overcoming Procrastination MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#12 Up from Depression MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#13 How to Attract Love Master [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
#13 How to Attract Love MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#14 Will Power MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#15 Be Positive Master [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
#15 Be Positive MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#16 I Want to be Happy MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#17 Stop Drinking MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#18 Concentration Master [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
#18 Concentration MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#19 Develop Your Psychic Abilities MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#20 Creative Writing MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#21 Lower Blood Pressure MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#22 Peace of Mind MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#23 Stop Being Angry MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#24 Freedom from Worry MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
#24 Freedom From Worry Ocean Sounds [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
#25 Chakra Meditation Master [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
#25 Chakra Meditation MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Abortion: The Aftereffects MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Abuse Healed through Forgiveness MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
ADD/ADHD Hyperactive Children MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Adoption: Where is My Child MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Adoption: Where is My Parent MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Agoraphobia MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Alivie Su Tension Y Ansiedad En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Aquarius [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Aries [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Aries En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Arthritis Pain Relief MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Astral Projection MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Astral Sounds [Preview]   $25.00  [BUY NOW]
Atraiga El Amor En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Auto Curacion En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Autohipnotismo En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Awakening w/World Peace [Preview]   $0.01  [BUY NOW]
Bajar De Peso En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Balance En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Baseball Catching MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Baseball Hitting MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Baseball Pitching MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Belier En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Birth Control MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Birth Separation MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Body Building MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Bowler -Be a Better MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Brook & Rain [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Cancer [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Cancer En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Capricorn [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Capricorne En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Capricornio En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Channeling Your Higher Self MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Co-dependency to Self Discovery MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Combat Veteran [Preview]   $5.98  [BUY NOW]
Combata El Insomnio En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Conception MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Confianza En Si Mismo En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Creative Thinking MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Crickets & Birds [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Death & Dying MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Dejar De Beber En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Dejar De Fumar En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Desarrolle Sus Habilidades Psíquicas En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Develop Enthusiasm MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Dinero-Prosperidad En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Divorce - No MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Divorce - Yes MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Effective Speaking MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
El Poder Subconsciente En Las Ventas En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
En Español: Acuario [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Escorpion En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Facial Tic MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Faster Reading MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Fear of Closed In Places MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Fear of Crowds MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Fear of Death MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Fear of Driving MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Fear of Failure MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Fear of Flying MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Fear of Heights MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Fear of Success MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Fear of Water MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Freedom from Acne MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Freedom from Allergies MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Freedom from Drugs MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Freedom from Guilt MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Freedom from Sexual Guilt MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
French for Travelers [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Gay and Unhappy MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Gemeaux En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Gemini [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Geminis En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
German for Travelers [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Get More Joy out of Sex Female MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Get More Joy out of Sex Male MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Getting the Raise You Deserve MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Goal Setting MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Golf MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Good Study Habits MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Good Study Habits MSTR [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
Handling Disappointment MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Having a Baby MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Healing Abuse: A Past Life Approach MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Healthy Teeth and Gums MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Hearing Restored MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Heartbeat & Metronome [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Hebrew for Travelers [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Housekeeping with Love MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
How to Be Popular MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
How to Handle Criticism MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Hypnosis for Hypnotists MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
I am Jealous MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
I Free You from Jealousy MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
I Love My Body Female MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
I Love My Body Male MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Imaging MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Impotent - No More MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Improving Vision MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Infidelity: I am Wandering My Love MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Infidelity: My Love is Wandering MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Infidelity: The Third Person MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Italian for Travelers [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Japanese for Travelers [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Jennifer Set - Full Set Development Series   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
Jet Lag MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Joy of Exercise MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
La Concentracion En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
La Relajacion En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Leo [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Leo En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Libra [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Libra En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Lion En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Loneliness MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Loss of a Loved One MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Lowering Cholesterol Female Voice [Preview]   $15.94  [BUY NOW]
Lowering Cholesterol MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Martial Arts - MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Mejore Su Memoria En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Menopausal Symptoms Relief Set   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
Mentalidad Positiva En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Migraine Relief MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Miscarriage: The Aftereffects MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
My Parents, Myself MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Natural Bust Enlargement MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Ocean & Thunderstorms [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Operation - Before and After MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Overcome Social Anxiety Set   $49.94  [BUY NOW]
Pain Relief MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Painless Dentistry MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Parallel Lives - Separate Selves MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Past Life Regression MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Past Life Regression with Mate or Lover MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Past Life Therapy MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Picis En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Ping Pong MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Pisces [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Poissons En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Portuguese for Travelers [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Premenstrual Syndrome MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Problem Solving MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Proyeccion Astral En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Psychic Healing MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Psychic Protection Master [Preview]   $15.95  [BUY NOW]
Psychic Protection MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Racquetball MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Recapture Youthful Vigor MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Rekindle the Romance MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Relationship Reprogramming MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Relief of Back Pain MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Remote Viewing/Time Traveler MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Removal of Warts MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Running - Jogging MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Russian for Travelers [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Sagitario En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Sagittaire En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Sagittarius [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Sales Power MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Salga De La Depresión En Español [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Scorpio [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Scorpion En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Self Hypnosis MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Skiing MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
So, You're Out of a Job? MS [Preview]   $5.98  [BUY NOW]
Spanish for Travelers [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Stomach Problems MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Stop Bed Wetting MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Stop Loss of Hair MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Stop Nail Biting MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Stop Stuttering MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Subliminal Teachings of Jesus MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Successful Retirement MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Taking Exams MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Talents & Abilities from Past Life MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Tapering Off Smoking MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Taureau En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Tauro En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Taurus [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Tennis MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
The Hypnotist with Sister Love [Preview]   $0.01  [BUY NOW]
Thumb Sucking MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Time Management MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Touch Me MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Twelve Steps to Freedom MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Veteran Let the Healing Begin MS [Preview]   $5.98  [BUY NOW]
Vierge En Français [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Virgo [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Virgo En Español [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Visualization- Aura Reading MS [Preview]   $19.98  [BUY NOW]
Walking MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Weight Gain MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
Wind & Seagulls [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
World Peace MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
You and Your Child MS [Preview]   $15.98  [BUY NOW]
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