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SCII 2 Cassette Set - Guided Meditation / Subliminal Persuasion™

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About our Cassette Set SCII

Each title of our Cassette Set SCII offers both a Subliminal cassette (same on both sides) and a Guided Meditation cassette (same on both sides). Directions come with each purchase.

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The Subliminal cassette (Day Version)
No introduction for uninterrupted repeat playing. Consciously you will hear only the music blended with gentle ocean waves: however, your subconscious will hear and receive the subliminal messages recorded beneath these relaxing sounds.

The Music
Baroque Classical Music is used as it has been proven conducive to learning. Also known as our Super Consciousness SCII, this is an upgrade to our original music.

The Guided Meditation cassette (Night Version)
Contains a series of suggestions to bring about a pleasant state of relaxation. You will consciously hear the SAME SUGGESTIONS as were recorded on the Subliminal side. On this cassette you will hear the Subliminal track as a background for Guided Meditation. Double layered, double exposure.

Cassette Set SCII Super Consciousness II - 2 Tape Sets with double sided cassettes - our most powerful tape format!

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Subliminal Change

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