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Self-Hypnosis / Subliminal Persuasion™ - SCII 2 Cassette Set

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About our Cassette Set SCII
Each title of our Cassette Set SCII offers both a Subliminal cassette (same on both sides) and a Self-Hypnosis cassette (same on both sides). Directions come with each purchase.

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The Subliminal cassette (Day Version)
No introduction for uninterrupted repeat playing. Consciously you will hear only the music blended with gentle ocean waves: however, your subconscious will hear and receive the subliminal messages recorded beneath these relaxing sounds.

The Music
Baroque Classical Music is used as it has been proven conducive to learning. Also known as our Super Consciousness SCII, this is an upgrade to our original music.

The Self-Hypnosis cassette (Night Version)
Contains a series of suggestions to bring about a pleasant state of relaxation. You will consciously hear the SAME SUGGESTIONS as were recorded on the Subliminal side. On this cassette you will hear the Subliminal track as a background for Self-Hypnosis. Double layered, double exposure.

Cassette Set SCII Super Consciousness II - 2 Tape Sets with double sided cassettes - our most powerful tape format!

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  Title Price  
arrow #01 Relieve Stress & Anxiety SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #02 Weight Loss SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #04 Self Confidence SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #05 Money Prosperity SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #06 Insomnia SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #07 Relaxation SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #08 Memory Improvement SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #09 Stop Smoking SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #10 Joy of Exercise SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #14 Will Power SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #15 Be Positive SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #18 Concentration SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #19 Develop Your Psychic Abilities SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #23 Stop Being Angry SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow #25 Chakra Meditation SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Abuse Healed Through Forgiveness SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Aries SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Creative Thinking SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Goal Setting SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Italian for Students [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Japanese for Students [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Joy of Exercise SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Libra SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Past Life Regression SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Pisces SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Portuguese for Students [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Psychic Protection SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Russian for Students [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Sagittarius SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Subliminal Teachings of Jesus SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Tapering Off Smoking SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Twelve Steps to Freedom SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Virgo [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Virgo SCII [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
arrow Vocabulary & Spelling ENGLISH Course Prep [Preview]   $10.98  [BUY NOW]
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