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About Our Products

All Subliminal & Guided Meditation Audio Titles Come with Two Parts

Guided Meditation/Night - You will hear all the words and phrases. Generally under 45 minutes.

Subliminal/Anytime - Same script minus suggestions for sleep and relaxation masked by the music.

Many titles are listed more than once; each contains exactly the same Guided Meditation/Night script. It is the music on the Subliminal/Anytime component that varies. When the title and the SKU are the same, the difference is the type of music used on the subliminal component.


MS Music Subliminal the first music we used on our products after eliminating ocean sounds. Also known as Original music for this reason. Easy listening and probably what you had in the past.


SCII Super Consciousness version. This music is Baroque Classical and it has been proven to be conducive to learning. Super Consciousness SCII Titles Will also have the added benefit of having the Subliminal/Anytime Version in the background of the Guided Meditation/Night for increased effectiveness.


MSTRMaster Series music. This music is very upbeat and great for daytime playing of the subliminal.

You May Also See:

Emerald Webb - Designates a music group who made a few pieces specifically for Barrie. Very popular.

Female Voice - Sandra Bovee reads Barrie's scripts for a nice change of pace.


By Type

MP3S - Following you purchase, you will be given on-screen instructions for downloading into your computer's hard drive. Each title comes with two separate files: Guided Meditation/Night and Subliminal/Anytime.

CDS - A single CD which contains 2 tracks: Track one contains the Guided Meditation/Night track and Track two contains the Subliminal/Anytime. Guided Meditation versions are 45 minutes or less and the Subliminal will run for the remainder of 78 minutes. These will have MS Music Subliminal (our first music used after ocean sounds or easy listening) on the Subliminal/Anytime track.

CD Set SCII - Two CD Set. One CD will have the Guided Meditation/Night and the second CD will have the Subliminal/Anytime. This SCII (Super Consciousness) format features Baroque Classical music which has been proven to aid the subliminal process. Also unique to the SCII Super Consciousness the Subliminal/Anytime track plays quietly in the background of the Guided Meditation/Night track for increased effectiveness.

DVD/Video - Our Subliminal Pursuasion DVD's and Videos enable you to enjoy the benefits of perfectly blended sight and sound while you relax and enjoy the soothing scenes of spectacular waterfalls, lush tropical foliage, and magestic waves rolling onthe the magnificent Hawaiian Islands.

Visual suggestions are subliminally recorded at specific intervals within the picture, in such a way that your conscious mind will be unable to perceive them. However, they will be read by your ever aware subconscious.

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