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Money Prosperity (a four title set)

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              Money Prosperity  (a four title set)

Experts say you cannot become rich in your pocket until you become rich in your mind. Wealthy people are not necessarily smarter or harder working than you. Yet, there is a subtle difference in their thinking and self-image that turns whatever they touch into gold. This difference is the "consciousness of prosperity." Prosperity is 98 percent mental preparation and 2 percent outer action. Begin preparing your consciousness to attract the riches you deserve today. Awaken the financial genius in you now!

This set comes with these Four Titles:

Money Prosperity 086MS, Money Prosperity Super Consciousness 086SC, Creative Thinking 023MS and Problem Solving 101MS

A dynamite combination of 4 titles designed to allow you to live and breathe Prosperity.

Each title comes with both Guided Meditation/Night and Subliminal/Anytime versions.

Please listen to Audio Sample all the way through to hear the musical difference.

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     Money Prosperity MS     Audio Sample
     Money Prosperity SCII     Audio Sample
     Creative Thinking MS     Audio Sample
     Problem Solving MS     Audio Sample

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Here Is What You Get


Guided Meditation / Night - You will hear all content in it's entirety. Generally under 45 minutes.
Subliminal / Anytime - Same content minus ALL suggestions for sleep and relaxation. Then the content is masked with the sounds of music or in some cases Ocean Sounds.

Most titles are listed more than once; each listing contains exactly the same content. It is the sounds used on the Subliminal / Anytime component that varies. the type of music/Ocean used on each Subliminal version can best be understood by the below key and a quick listening of each audio sample

MS / Music Subliminal (MS) Easy listening music

SCII / Super Consciousness II (SCII) Baroque classical plus Subliminal / Anytime track lightly in the background of the Guided Meditation / Night component

MSTR / Master Series (MSTR) Limited edition Series with upbeat music great for daytime use

EW / Emerald Webb (EW) Emerald Webb is a musical group that created these pieces especially for Potentials Unlimited

FV / Female Voice (FV) Sandra Bovee reads Barrie's script

OS / Ocean Subliminal (OS) ONLY the sounds of the Ocean are used

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Customer Testimonials - Money Prosperity (a four title set)

"Back in 1992, I used the Weight Loss Hypnosis each night with hypnosis and each day with subliminal for 3 months and from the start, I dreamed that I was working out even though I really had never dedicated to an exercise program before that I stuck to. I lose almost 40 pounds within those 3 months and I kept it off for over 6 years. In 1994, I listened to the Money/Prosperity Hypnosis and Subliminal on an autoplay cassette player that would play the second cassette automatically and within one month I got a job that paid me $25 an hour even though my highest hourly wage before that was $8 an hour prior to that. I lost all my old cassettes and now loaded with lots of titles on CD now and listening to them as I do my computer work each day. I am yet to decide on one to dedicate for a month but when I do, I know for a fact that I will experience absolute improvements that everyone will notice in that category. I am experiencing improvements as it is just by listening to different ones each day. They really do work better than counseling, or anything else that I have tried so far." - Anita R. F. Rutherford

"I have a cassette tape on money prosperity - that's how long I've been using this self-hypnosis. I am afraid that the old tape will wear out soon, so I am buying the CD." - P. A. - Ohio

"The Potentials Unlimited tapes were a great beginning for me in the genuinely productive use of my mind. Especially the original 1978 version of Potentials Unlimited Money-Prosperity in a cassette tape form that my Mom and Dad ordered for me as a "boy genius" in 1979 about when you first came out with the subliminal tapes combined with the verbal hypnosis tapes. I mean, as a young boy the possibilities, ideas I got and actions I took from the core ideas of these tapes have affected me in so many beneficial ways: To say the least, it has made me "superhumanly" resilient in so many hidden and wonderful ways that I cannot describe them easily here. I mean, I have quietly done so many great things with my life that my self-esteem and self-empowerment understanding are wonderful and do not need to be noticed by others, and it all started with those words from Barrie comforting my soul through those tumultuous early years of life: Hello, Greetings and Welcome. My Dad lost his foot in 1979 to diabetic malpractice by some crooked doctors early in his diagnosis of diabetes, and later I had to teach him to read and help him to read because he had undiagnosed severe dyslexia. Your ideas about the mind in the Subliminal Persuasion/Self-Hypnosis materials were very instrumental in opening up my mind to the genuine realities and possibilities of my capabilities. Now, I did not say they were the only road I took but they were a key that opened the door to put it mildly. So to go to the other side of Hello, Greetings and Welcome. Thank you, I Appreciate You and Heartfelt Salutations. Joshua Ananda Clayton Inglewood, California" - Joshua Ananda Clayton

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