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Astral Sounds


Astral Sounds Worries disappear, pain vanishes, problems practically solve themselves with

Astral Sounds.

Now you may experience warm, sensuous vibrations of happiness and well-being any time you want with the one-hour MP3, CD or cassette tape "Astral Sounds." This unique tape stimulates the pleasure center of your mind to create both physical and mental peace.

Two Years in Development.

Two years of laboratory testing allowed The American Research Team to develop a computerized program praised by hospitals, pain centers and governments alike. "Astral Sounds" contains no human voices or musical instruments. Instead, it utilizes a high-tech synthesizer to capture each tone, pitch and sound produced naturally by the human inner ear when you experience feelings of happiness, health, and a blissful state of mind.

Don't Expect a Lullaby.

At first hearing, you may be puzzled by "Astral Sounds." some listeners even consider it "eerie." But don't make a snap judgment and miss the tape's most outstanding benefits. Loosen your clothing, lie down, turn off the lights and relax. Turn on the tape and before long you'll find yourself drifting into a state of natural, deep rest. You may even see beautiful hues, symbols and lights pass before your eyes like a magnificent and colorful parade!

A Miracle Tape?

You owe it to yourself to discover the power of this little miracle tape. Hospitals use it as a natural alternative to tranquilizers and sleeping pills. Pain centers find it reduces suffering as well as the most powerful drugs, and most all who listen report that they feel better physically and emotionally after using "Astral sounds." Order your program now!

A Miracle Tape?

This version of Astral Sounds is from the Music Subliminal series and will contain the original Subliminal music.

All Astral Sounds SKU AS have the same script. The difference between multiple listings of Astral Sounds SKU AS is the music. Such as, original Music Subliminal or baroque classical SCII.

Self Hypnosis
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Here Is What You Get

All titles come with two parts:

Self-Hypnosis/Night - You will hear all the words and phrases. Generally under 45 minutes.
Subliminal/Anytime - Same script minus suggestions for sleep and relaxation masked by the music.

Many titles are listed more than once; each contains exactly the same Self-Hypnosis/Night script. It is the music on the Subliminal/Anytime component that varies. The type of music used on each Subliminal version can best be understood by the below key and a quick listening of the audio sample

MS = easy listening
SCII = Baroque classical
MSTR = Limited Edition Master Series, Upbeat
Emerald Webb = Musical Group
Female Voice = Sandra Bovee reads Barrie's script

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Customer Testimonials - Astral Sounds

"I must take this opportunity to tell you that your "Astral Sounds" program is not only everything you claim it is but much more...Thanks for a wonderful experience, always different each time the program is used. " - H.G. Elmhurst, NY

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