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Abuse Healed through Forgiveness MS

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Abuse Healed through Forgiveness MS

MS=easy listening music is used on the Subliminal portion of this version.

Each title comes with both Guided Meditation/Night and Subliminal/Anytime versions.

Please listen to Audio Sample all the way through to hear the musical difference.

Forgiveness is a quiet, inner action. It requires courage and a willingness on your part to take the first step. This program is gentle and loving in its approach and will lead you to the peace that you seek. All products are Buy 5 and Get the Lowest-Priced Item Free!

All items are 100% risk-free, guaranteed.

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Here Is What You Get


Guided Meditation / Night - You will hear all content in it's entirety. Generally under 45 minutes.
Subliminal / Anytime - Same content minus ALL suggestions for sleep and relaxation. Then the content is masked with the sounds of music or in some cases Ocean Sounds.

Most titles are listed more than once; each listing contains exactly the same content. It is the sounds used on the Subliminal / Anytime component that varies. the type of music/Ocean used on each Subliminal version can best be understood by the below key and a quick listening of each audio sample

MS / Music Subliminal (MS) Easy listening music

SCII / Super Consciousness II (SCII) Baroque classical plus Subliminal / Anytime track lightly in the background of the Guided Meditation / Night component

MSTR / Master Series (MSTR) Limited edition Series with upbeat music great for daytime use

EW / Emerald Webb (EW) Emerald Webb is a musical group that created these pieces especially for Potentials Unlimited

FV / Female Voice (FV) Sandra Bovee reads Barrie's script

OS / Ocean Subliminal (OS) ONLY the sounds of the Ocean are used

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Customer Testimonials - Abuse Healed through Forgiveness MS

"6 Signs You Were Raised By A Toxic Mother I was brought up by both a toxic mother and a toxic father. Both had low self-esteem and didn't love themselves. By the time l was twenty years old, both my parents had completely gutted out any shred of self-esteem l had left in me, and l did not love myself at all. For years l allowed abusive men to be cruel to me and control me. I was only and always attracted to mean Misogynistic guys, who treated me just like my father did. That's what l thought love was. My mother did not love me from the time l was born up to even now. She is eighty years old, and she has never had anything to do with me, or my children. I don't even know at all what it feels like to be loved by a mother or a father. I healed myself by listening daily to Potentials Unlimited Hypnotherapy: I said daily positive affirmations, and read many great self help books such as Your Erroneous Zones, Pulling Your Own Strings by Wayne Dyer, and The Men Who Hate Women & The Women Who Love Them by Susan Forward Everything in this post is completely correct. That was me before l started on a long self discovery journey, to learn how to regain my self-esteem, and feel like l was a worthy human being again. ~ Sony Crystal" - Sony Crystal

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