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Weight Loss MS

SKU: 145MS

        Weight Loss MS MS = easy listening music is used on the Subliminal portion of this version

Please listen to Audio Sample

Changing yourself through the power of your subconscious mind, truly, your Unlimited Potential. Barrie Konicov's line of self hypnosis self improvement subliminal programs are highly effective, affordable and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Every title comes with two separate components: Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Persuasion

All products are buy 5 and get lowest priced item free!

All items 100% risk free guarantee.

Self Hypnosis
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Here Is What You Get

All titles come with two parts:

Self-Hypnosis/Night - You will hear all the words and phrases. Generally under 45 minutes.
Subliminal/Anytime - Same script minus suggestions for sleep and relaxation masked by the music.

Many titles are listed more than once; each contains exactly the same Self-Hypnosis/Night script. It is the music on the Subliminal/Anytime component that varies. The type of music used on each Subliminal version can best be understood by the below key and a quick listening of the audio sample

MS = easy listening
SCII = Baroque classical
MSTR = Limited Edition Master Series, Upbeat
Emerald Webb = Musical Group
Female Voice = Sandra Bovee reads Barrie's script

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Customer Testimonials - Weight Loss MS

"I can’t believe I found this website! I am so thrilled. Here’s my story… Thirtyish years ago, having suffered from being overweight all my life, I chanced upon a self-hypnosis weight loss tape in a UK motorway café! I decided I might as well give it a go. I would try anything. My family were both amused and skeptical… until they saw me sometime later, 45 pounds lighter, confident, happy and smiling. I don’t even remember how the weight disappeared, I just remember the joy of being normal. To this day, I still use the breathing exercises to relax before a big meeting, in the car, or whenever I am stressed… indeed, when I gave birth to my second child, I used the breathing successfully to help me through the contractions. The weight has crept back on over thirty years. I lost my original tape some time ago, but I am forever expounding its virtues to anyone who will listen and they always ask me where they can buy one. Alas, I could never help them as I had bought it at an anonymous roadside café. When I saw your website, I recognized the words from the tape immediately. I have such a great fondness for Barrie Konikov, a man I have never met. I loved his voice and I will always be grateful to him for rescuing me from overweight all those years ago. I would love to have a copy of the original tape with the same soundtrack and voice. Is it available? (YES! Contact us via email) Regards Christine Dunne " - Christine D, London, England (and Kuwait)

" I repurchased Weight Loss and Self Confidence two weeks ago (I first used them twenty years ago with fantastic results). After only two weeks, I have lost six pounds and have a tremendous, relaxed feeling of joy and peace. I am so grateful for finding these products again! Thank you so very much." - Jaime M, Pasadena CA

"I have been using the weight loss tape and have lost 43 pounds and counting. Thank you so much. Cheers Liz" - Liz D. Beamsville, Ontario

"I have never written to thank Dr. Konikov for the tremendously insightful work he shared with all of those who have eating/weight management issues. I have used the weight loss tapes for more than 20 years. Within a few weeks of using them I was able to stop a 20-year bulimia habit, start bringing my weight to my ideal level (I was never far off, just violently judgmental of my 10 extra pounds), began to believe in a new self image and opened my life to joy. Whenever things become overwhelming -- they still can -- I turn to Dr. Konikov's messages and find the key to unlock whatever conundrum is churning in the background. I can't imagine what these 20 years would have been like without that always-available support and love. So... THANK YOU! E.B., Fenton, Michigan " - E.B. Fenton Michigan


A few years ago I bought a weight loss tape from you; it has been the only thing EVER to help me lose weight - after listening to it for about 2 weeks, it kicked in. Over the course of the next 6 months I lost a total of 53lbs! I have been recommending your tapes to anyone who tells me they want to lose weight. Even after I stopped listening to it, I still managed to keep 45lbs off! I thank you. Your faithful customer from St Louis, MO " - Corrine, C

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