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Chakra Meditation SCII

SKU: 019SC

Chakra Meditation  SCII

SCII=Baroque Classical music is used on the Subliminal portion of this version. Additionally, while listening to the Guided Meditation portion you will hear the Subliminal in the background.

Each title comes with both Guided Meditation/Night and Subliminal/Anytime versions.

Please listen to Audio Sample all the way through to hear the musical difference.

By balancing and harmonizing the energies of your chakras, you unleash incredible cosmic and psychic powers, powers that benefit all mankind. This program can help.

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Here Is What You Get


Guided Meditation / Night - You will hear all content in it's entirety. Generally under 45 minutes.
Subliminal / Anytime - Same content minus ALL suggestions for sleep and relaxation. Then the content is masked with the sounds of music or in some cases Ocean Sounds.

Most titles are listed more than once; each listing contains exactly the same content. It is the sounds used on the Subliminal / Anytime component that varies. the type of music/Ocean used on each Subliminal version can best be understood by the below key and a quick listening of each audio sample

MS / Music Subliminal (MS) Easy listening music

SCII / Super Consciousness II (SCII) Baroque classical plus Subliminal / Anytime track lightly in the background of the Guided Meditation / Night component

MSTR / Master Series (MSTR) Limited edition Series with upbeat music great for daytime use

EW / Emerald Webb (EW) Emerald Webb is a musical group that created these pieces especially for Potentials Unlimited

FV / Female Voice (FV) Sandra Bovee reads Barrie's script

OS / Ocean Subliminal (OS) ONLY the sounds of the Ocean are used

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Customer Testimonials - Chakra Meditation SCII

"Thank you, Thank you for my tape. It's wonderful. Charkra Meditation is so relaxing and makes me feel very good. The music is calming and like washing my mind from all thoughts. Thank you Mr. Barrie Konicov, Your voice and the music are great! I just hear the tape twice and I wonder what will happen after 30 Days! Thank you, yours truly," - Gamal E. Boston, MA

"Amir wrote: "This one is Very Powerful... Loved It!"" - Amir Khalatbari commented on Potentials Unlimited's link.

"Oh my god where do I begin. First off I am learning disabled if it wasn't for the Chakra Meditation super consciousness CD set there would be no way in hell I could have gone to a university. Universities require a lot of writing, thesis, reports and stuff. Before I found the chakra cd set I had a VERY difficult time expressing verbally and I literally couldn't write an essay AT ALL. The words in my head would not form. Every time I tried my mind would go completely blank. Also studying was very difficult because my mind kept wondering. If I play the subliminal part of the chakra meditation cd set my mind doesn't wander no wear near as bad and I can study in piece. After a few months of using the CD set, words started to form in my mind that I couldn't express before a flood of thoughts and information was flooding my head but in a good way. It was like someone unlocked my brain and was finally able to receive words sentences and that wasn't there before and was able to communicate and express myself, especially in writing. I also have issues with reading speed and comprehension, the chakra cd set help big time with my reading comprehension it was really noticeable. With the help of the community college that I went to they helped me apply and get in to the university. There were assignments there at the community college I had to do first to get accepted to the university I also had to get A's and B's on all the classes I took to get accepted. Not only did I get accepted to the university, I graduated from it. If it wasn't for the chakra CD set there was no way I could do the assignments let alone graduate from a university, NO WAY. This is information for those who are also learning disabled, and wanted to go to college but the learning disability got in the way. Only by accident I found out about what the chakra CD set could do for someone like me. It was a complete fluke. This is just information I could pass for people to know that if school is extremely difficult, this could help." - Martha, in California

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