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Astral Projection MS

SKU: 006MS

Astral Projection MS Join the increasing number of people who are having out-of-body experiences.

The Subliminal Component on this version has easy listening music (MS). Please listen to Audio Sample.

Self Hypnosis
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Here Is What You Get

All titles come with two parts:

Self-Hypnosis/Night - You will hear all the words and phrases. Generally under 45 minutes.
Subliminal/Anytime - Same script minus suggestions for sleep and relaxation masked by the music.

Many titles are listed more than once; each contains exactly the same Self-Hypnosis/Night script. It is the music on the Subliminal/Anytime component that varies. The type of music used on each Subliminal version can best be understood by the below key and a quick listening of the audio sample

MS = easy listening
SCII = Baroque classical
MSTR = Limited Edition Master Series, Upbeat
Emerald Webb = Musical Group
Female Voice = Sandra Bovee reads Barrie's script

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Customer Testimonials - Astral Projection MS

"No, I haven’t listened to the self-hypnosis version of Astral Projection yet; I thought I needed to break down some resistance to the process first and I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t know what he was saying, as sort of a test, so I’ve been listening only to the subliminal for now. Plus, I have a noisy, busy household and finding a quiet place is difficult. So, you think it sounds like it’s working? Cool. I’ll have to try out the self-hypnosis version, then. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out. I have to say, though, the sensation of being pulled back into my body is the oddest thing I’ve ever felt. " - Lisa M. Gold Bar, Washington

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