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Agoraphobia MS

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Agoraphobia MS

MS=easy listening music is used on the Subliminal portion of this version.

Each title comes with both Guided Meditation/Night and Subliminal/Anytime versions.

Please listen to Audio Sample all the way through to hear the musical difference.

This is a condition in which people avoid ordinary places and activities for fear of a panic attack. The fear of crossing or being in open spaces can be debilitating. This may be the program to help you overcome it.

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Here Is What You Get


Guided Meditation / Night - You will hear all content in it's entirety. Generally under 45 minutes.
Subliminal / Anytime - Same content minus ALL suggestions for sleep and relaxation. Then the content is masked with the sounds of music or in some cases Ocean Sounds.

Most titles are listed more than once; each listing contains exactly the same content. It is the sounds used on the Subliminal / Anytime component that varies. the type of music/Ocean used on each Subliminal version can best be understood by the below key and a quick listening of each audio sample

MS / Music Subliminal (MS) Easy listening music

SCII / Super Consciousness II (SCII) Baroque classical plus Subliminal / Anytime track lightly in the background of the Guided Meditation / Night component

MSTR / Master Series (MSTR) Limited edition Series with upbeat music great for daytime use

EW / Emerald Webb (EW) Emerald Webb is a musical group that created these pieces especially for Potentials Unlimited

FV / Female Voice (FV) Sandra Bovee reads Barrie's script

OS / Ocean Subliminal (OS) ONLY the sounds of the Ocean are used

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Customer Testimonials - Agoraphobia MS

"Hi Mr. Konicov, I can't tell you how much your hypnosis programs have helped me. In particular, the agoraphobia CD has worked miracles in my life. I was a shut-in for most of my twenties because of panic attacks caused by the fear of open and public spaces. I bought your agoraphobia CD when I was 29 and it changed my life. Within the first thirty days I was going out again without as much fear. By the end of sixty days, I had not had any panic attacks. Today, at 33, I am attending the local community college, I shop in even the most crowded stores, and I know I can live my life without fear. I thank you and the Potentials Unlimited company so much: the hypnosis programs not only changes lives, they can renew them. " - Chrystal R. via email

"Since I received your product and used it everyday, I just happened to one day get the urge for ice-cream...and without even knowing what I was gonna do, I hit the road in my SUV and it was only after 3 stops I realized I was OUTSIDE MY HOME!!!!!!!!!!! This was the first time I have even driven since being in the car with someone else and even that was rare!!!! I literally walked outside without a worry in the world. It's as if I was as normal as when I was in HIGH SCHOOL and College in Florida alone!! Thank you. I am not out of the woods yet for longer tours, but this was a big leap from where I was to when I got your AGORAPHOBIA CD just about 2 weeks ago!" - Robert S.

"Agoraphobia tape is fantastic. I need a replacement. Many people that I told about it like me think it is the best!" - Greg H

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