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Most Popular and Best Selling Guided Meditation Subliminal Persuasion™ Products

Our Guided Meditation Programs are designed to heighten your senses and improve your experience to help with many problems and can also be used as sleep programs to pleasantly block out all other noises. All Subliminal portions do not contain any suggestions for sleep or relaxation.

Here are our top selling and best audio messaging products for meditation and Subliminal Persuasion by Barrie Konicov. Download mp3s and begin your self improvements today. 

Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

Science shows that stress, illness and disease are tied together. For a healthier, happier life, you must learn to control your feelings and care for your body. Barrie Konicov will guide you to a greater understanding of health, stress and recovery. Live a fuller life with Relieve Stress and Anxiety.

Relief Stress & Anxiety

Meditation for Weight Loss and Management

This Weight Loss Program will assist you to lose weight with Meditation like few other programs can. Barrie's unique style and relaxing voice make his products the proven leader in the field of Weight Loss Hypnotherapy. By strengthening your desire, determination and will-power through the use of these Weight Loss Programs, you will improve more than just your weight.

Weight Loss Programs

Meditation for Self Healing

This Self Healing Program is the most incredible recording we offer. Designed to be played in conjunction with other programs for specific ailments, areas, or dis-eased states, customers report amazing changes in their health, both mentally and physically. Self Healing is the pinnacle recording of all our Guided Meditation Subliminal Persuasion programs. Stephanie Konicov-Banfill has said many times "If I could only sell one title, this would be it".

Self Healing Programs

Meditation for Self Confidence

Give yourself a great gift, the gift of Self Confidence. Develop the ability to say "No" without feeling guilty. Acquire the self-assurance to feel relaxed and at ease around people you know and meet. Start on the road to a more confident you today.

Self Confidence Programs

Money Management and Prosperity

Experts say you cannot become rich in your pocket until you become rich in your mind. Wealthy people are not necessarily smarter or harder working than you. Yet, there is a subtle difference in their thinking and self-image that turns whatever they touch into gold. This difference is the "consciousness of prosperity." Prosperity is 98 percent mental preparation and 2 percent outer action. Begin preparing your consciousness to attract money and the riches you deserve today. Awaken the financial genius in you now!

Attract Money & Riches

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