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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Potentials Unlimited Distributor

My Mom and Dad began Potentials Unlimited in 1976 with a dream and an unemployment check. Since that time, Potentials Unlimited has developed into the leading and largest company of its type in the world. We have the largest line, highest quality product in the market today. 

I.M.P.A.C.T. Publishing, Inc. utilizes many methods of distribution to move the Potentials Unlimited product to the consumer. Each of these methods is dependent upon one individual: a Potentials Unlimited Distributor. This distributor  is an independent business person who has a dream and a desire to be successful. 

The dream is to have financial independence with a product they believe in a product that really helps people!

In the following paragraphs, we have outlined the options and opportunities we have to share with you. As you review the material, you will find that both financial and personal commitment are asked of you. However, our emphasis is upon a strong personal commitment that you use and fully believe in the product and service we are offering. After you have made your decision to become a Distributor, complete the application. We will then contact you, and at that time you may ask all those questions that may not be answered in this page. 

We will also be asking you some questions, the first of which is, "Have you been using any of these tapes?" You must know, first hand, that this product will work for you before you can recommend and sell it to others. 

Again, THANK YOU for your interest in Potentials Unlimited products. We are sincere in wishing to share our success with you. 

Stephanie Banfill

Affiliate Program

Beginning February 2003 we have established an affiliate program which connects to Read all about how you can earn money in minutes by posting our links/banners on your site. Link to Potentials Unlimited and our new affiliate program.....

Build Your Own E-Commerce Business

Some 25% of the distributors selling Potentials Unlimited products are involved in some form of e-commerce. Getting started is simple, involving final approval of site. Watching for proper representation is our main concern. Drop-shipping is available at an $8.00 per order cost (U.S.only). Initial discount = 40% off Retail

Serving the Professional Market

There are numerous professionals using our tapes; doctors, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, nurses, etc. Many are using Potentials Unlimited products with their practice and recommending products to their patients. To aid this process we created a special professional price of 40% off Retail. This is also known as our Friends/Family program. Getting started is simple. A minimum of twelve products must be ordered at a time. Only actual shipping charges will be passed on to you,  no handling charges. 

Retail Store Owner Participation

If you are a retail store owner and would like to sell our programs in your store, you may order direct from us at discounts  40-55% off retail. Call or write for more information.

International Distributorships

We are receiving requests from many countries on a regular basis looking for distributors closer to home. Countries with the most requests? Great Britain and Australia. Please contact us directly if you are in a position to import. 

I.M.P.A.C.T Publishing is the largest producer of Subliminal PersuasionT Self-Hypnosis Programs in the world and offers over 160 Self-Hypnosis / Subliminal Persuasion Cassettes and CD's.

Are you looking for an uncomplicated way to supplement your income? Why not consider joining the team of independent distributors?

With many different distributor arrangements to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your goals perfectly. With a distributorship your opportunities for success and prosperity are virtually unlimited.

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Need more details ? We'll be happy to fill you in on pricing, marketing, and all the related details.
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